Wout De Puysseleir

  • Full-Stack Web Developer
  • Remote/Freelance
  • From Belgium, based in Canada
  • Python, Django, Elixir, Phoenix, Svelte & Docker
  • +8 years of professional experience
  • Created GeoQuest and LiveSvelte, working on Territoriez.io

Full-stack web developer working fully remote. Born and raised in Belgium, currently living in Vancouver, Canada. The sharpest tools in my toolbox are Python, Django, Elixir, Phoenix, Svelte & Docker.

+8 years of professional experience developing software and +13 years messing around with software in various ways.

If you already have a website, or you want to create a website, or you have some pesky bug you're dealing with, please contact me. I have a particular interest and experience in cleaning up and modernizing legacy systems.

Currently open for freelance, part-time, remote work.

Not sure my skills are aligned with your software stack? Check out bellow for more info about technologies I've worked with.