Wout De Puysseleir

  • Full-Stack Web Developer
  • Remote/Freelance
  • From Belgium, based in Canada
  • Python, Django, Elixir, Phoenix, Svelte & Docker
  • +7 years of professional experience
  • Created GeoQuest, working on LiveSvelte

Full-stack web developer working fully remote. Born and raised in Belgium, currently living in Vancouver, Canada. The sharpest tools in my toolbox are Python, Django, Elixir, Phoenix, Svelte & Docker.

+7 years of professional experience developing software and +12 years messing around with software in various ways.

If you already have a website, or you want to create a website, or you have some pesky bug you're dealing with, please contact me. I have a particular interest and experience in cleaning up and modernizing legacy systems.

Currently open for freelance, part-time, remote work.

Not sure my skills are aligned with your software stack? Check out bellow for more info about technologies I've worked with.



I love Svelte, I think it's absolutely fantastic. I'd recommend it to anyone, especially to people who are hesitant to jump into the frontend ecosystem. Svelte is easy to learn and just makes sense.


In addition to Svelte I really enjoy working with SvelteKit. I've worked with SvelteKit quite extensively. The current website you're browsing and GeoQuest was made with SvelteKit. hosted on Cloudflare Pages.


I've really enjoyed Python, it's been more than 10 years so far working with the language.


Django has been great as a backend system. It was the first backend framework I worked with and I've stuck with it for the last 7 years.


Elixir is the new language on the block for me. I worked with it for the first time in the 2021 Advent of Code. I think it's a great language and it has thought me a lot.


For backends that need high performance, or need high concurrency, I lean towards Phoenix. Together with Elixir you can create some amazing experiences.


I tend to use Docker whenever I have multiple applications talking to each other in a dev setup. I think it's great for getting your setup going and reproducible. I do think it's sometimes a bit cumbersome but I happily take the negatives with the positives.


I tend to use tailwind for styling. It think it's fantastic. I've tried various forms of writing CSS over the years and it's easily my favorite. I do think there are some negatives to it, including the way classes can get really long, but overall I'm really happy with it.


I do have quite some experience with Heroku, but that's not to say I'm the biggest fan of it. I think there are some good alternatives out there, including just running in a VM.


Cloudflare is great, the speed you can gain by using it in various ways has been great for me. Cloudlfare Pages are great.


My database of preference is PostgreSQL.

Notable mentions

These are technologies I've worked with and I think are good, but not my first choice. Including these are: Vue, Nuxt and Flask

Development Environment


I use Arch (btw). I use the ArchLabs distribution which has been a great experience so far. Very stable and easy to setup.


My window manager is Sway. I used to use i3 and bspwm, but I was drawn to the experience of a Wayland based window manager. Sway as been great so far but I do miss some of the bspwm features.


Fish is my shell of choice. Fish is pretty simple to setup and does the job just fine.

Thinkpad X1 Gen 7

I like keeping my setup minimal and simple, and the Thinkpad X1 is great for this. I don't use any external monitors.

Logitech MX Anywhere 3

In the same vein, this small but functional mouse keeps me clicking on various things.